About Us

Frase and Grum first met in 2000 working in IT in Melbourne.  We went our separate ways but wound up living in the UK and Europe for about 10 years, where we fell in love with many interesting beer styles (helped by a large number of trips to Belgium) and started home brewing.  Bored with our day jobs, we decided when we moved back to Melbourne, that we would attempt to start a brewery. 

Having decided beer was the future, the next step was to come up with a brewery name.  One day, Grum after much contemplation, emerged from the smallest room in the house declaring that he had a name, announcing "Exit".  Frase was at this stage, slightly underwhelmed until Grum explained that as they were in IT and beer was a means of getting out of said IT shenanigans, that we would in fact be "ex-IT" people.  So thus a brewery name was born.  We then got an opportunity to purchase a fermenter in the Cavalier Brewery and released our first beer, a Saison in April 2014.  Not having a large capacity and being unknown at the time we decided not to go with a core range of beers with the one tank and instead brewed individual numbered batches.  

This meant that we didn't have to come up with any creative outlandish names for our beers and just stuck with numbers so we could focus solely on the beer itself, or we were just too lazy, you can decide for yourself.  In November 2015 our awesome buddies Kaiju! invited us to join them and share their fantastic new brewery in Dandenong South and there the #dandysouthmassive was born.

After moving in to the new brewery and having a much larger capacity we decided to bite the bullet and establish a core range of beers, but being Exit we put our own take on what a core range is, so we went with a West Coast style IPA, an American style Amber, a Milk Stout and a Belgian style Saison. At the end of 2017 we gave in & added a Pale Ale. We've continued to brew one off numbered batches alongside the core range as it gives us a chance of putting out a new variety of styles and stops us from getting bored.  We've also got a small pilot system which allows us to brew one off keg and experiment a bit and to help us keep fresh.