AIBA 2019 - Trophy - Best Stout

We are thrilled that our Milk Stout won not only gold, but also the trophy at AIBA for the Best Stout in 2019!

AIBA 2019 - Gold - Sweet Stout

We love our Milk Stout and are so pleased that our peers and judges do too.


AIBA 2019 - Gold - Reduced Alcohol Ale

Our first crack at a mid-strength and it turned out alright! Our Session Extra Pale Ale, or SXPA amongst friends was a limited release initially, but may well have earned its place in the family. 

AIBA 2019 - Silver - Other IPA

Since it's hard to ignore the haze craze and our first iteration went so well, we decided to have another go. Our limited release #022 HIPA 2.0 is definitely winner.

AIBA 2019 - Bronze - American Style Red

Our Amber is one of our favourite core beers and we are so chuffed to see it continue to impress judges and kick goals year after year.

AIBA 2019 - Bronze -Saison

Saison - the beer that made Exit or the beer that Exit made? Either way, we couldn't be more proud of our first born!

AIBA 2018 - Gold - Imperial Stout

The #015 Double Milk Stout is so rich and chocolatey, and just like searching for your favourite guilty treat, only the ones with gold foil will do.

AIBA 2018 - Bronze - American Style Pale Ale

Well our blue Pale and our red Amber Ale both took out gongs in their respective categories of American styles. Conspiracy theory?

AIBA 2018 - Bronze - American Style Red

Great to earn another medal for our Amber Ale.


AIBA 2017 - Trophy - Best Amber/Dark Ale

We were incredibly humbled and over the moon to win a trophy at the 2017 AIBA for our Amber Ale!

Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show 2016 - Silver - Strong Beers Belgian

We thought we should test out our core range Saison to see how the judges would rate it and to see how it compared with our previous Saisons. We were very happy to get a silver medal and also best in class for this category

Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show 2016 - Bronze - Stouts & Porters

We entered our core range Milk Stout to see how it would fare and were pleased that we managed to get a medal for the beer.  Not quite reaching the heights of the #007 Smoked Stout the year before, but got a little bit of bling to show off.

AIBA 2015 - Silver - Belgian & French Style Ale​

This was the very first time we entered a beer in a competition and we were rapt to get a Silver medal for our #006 Saison. All of our Saisons have been very popular and it was great to see that the popularity amongst punters was matched by the judges.

Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show 2015 - Silver - Stouts & Porters

Our #007 Smoked Stout had a loyal bunch of followers when we released it and we thought we would see if the judges thought it was any good as well. Seems they liked it too and we managed to grab a Silver for it.

Sydney Royal Beer & Cider Show 2015 - Bronze - Strong Beers Belgian​

The second time that we entered our #006 Saison in competition and we got another medal for it here.


Rate Beer - Best New Brewery in Australia 2014

We were very honoured at the end of 2014 to be voted the best new brewery in Australia for the year.  It's an award based on the ratings of beers by the good users of  It's always special when you get awards that are voted on by the general public.  It means that you guys think we must be doing ok, which is awesome.