Pale Ale

Aroma of citrus and tropical fruit. Flavours of citrus and passionfruit, with solid malt body and balanced bitterness. Finish is dry but with lingering flavour.

ABV - 4.6%

Available in Kegs & 375ml Cans

Amber Ale

Our Amber is an American style with complex malt body, good balance of bitterness and dry hopped for aroma.

Aroma of citrus zest, pine & caramel. Flavours of caramel sweetness, with tropical fruit notes and balanced out with a good dose of bitterness​

ABV - 5%

Available in Kegs & 330ml Bottles

Milk Stout

Called a Milk Stout because lactose is added to the boil.  The lactose does not ferment leaving a slightly residual sweet balance to the beer.

Rich milk chocolate & vanilla bean aroma. Smooth mouthfeel, velvety cocoa, vanilla and toffee with espresso on fi­nish

ABV - 5.2%

Available in Kegs and 330ml Bottles


Our Saison ​is inspired from the beers we grew to love in Belgium, in particular Dupont's amazing version.  We use White Labs Belgian II Saison yeast (WLP566) which drives the character of the beer.

Hints of peppery citrus, straw and a sweet honey funk on the nose. Flavours of semi-dry citrus pith, earthy breads, subtle caramels, crisp honey and a dry spicy funkiness to fi­nish

ABV - 6.2%

Available in Kegs, 330ml Bottles & 375ml Cans


We love our IPA's at Exit and after the success of our #010 beer we decided that we would go with a very similar style for our core range IPA.

Aroma of spicy & herbal hops along with softer melon tropical fruit. Piny and spicy ‑avour with biscuit like malt and assertive bitterness.

ABV - 7%

​Available in Kegs and 375ml Cans

Double IPA

Aroma of stone fruit, pine and caramel. Taste explodes as the sweetness combats the bitterness. Big pithy orange rind flavours push through the dankness with a toffee sweetness.

ABV - 9%

​Available in Kegs and 375ml Cans